Shonishin: Children's Acupuncture

Shonishin is a gentle method of giving acupuncture treatments to children. Here's a video.

Treatment of Asthma

Tim shares the results of a 12-week research project on the affects of Japanese-style non-needle treatment of infant and child asthma. Each child received 5-10 minute treatments twice-a-week. The study used 3 children, with ages and conditions as follow: 6 month-old infant with bronchitis, 5 year-old with asthma and 7 year-old with asthma, inhaler use up to 4 times daily. Our testimonials page contains more on the patients' experiences with treatment.

Although these treatments centered on asthma, other under-lying health disharmonies were treated such as digestive problems, a leading cause of childhood illness. Oriental medicine seeks to improve symptoms by harmonizing the functions of the body, making each person's diagnosis and treatment patterns distinct. Therefore, some aspects of the 3 patients' treatments were similar but included some case-by-case variations.

The treatment of all 3 patients involved the use of specialized Japanese tools designed specifically to gently but effectively treat young children without needles. Here are some of the results from the12-week study:



Here are examples of the tools used, children tend to enjoy
treatments or not notice them at all.