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As an experienced practitioner of many forms of body work, Tim may recommend other tools (different from acupoint therapy) for your specific needs in private sessions from his background of working extensively with both Eastern and Western methods which include: sports/injury recuperation, Qi-Gong, Tui Na, hands-on energy work and other modalities as needed.

Clients frequently report instant pain, stress and tension reduction throughout the body and in problem areas, regular appointments have aided in reducing joint pain, sciatica & injury-related issues. Do you have a testimonial? Please e-mail to

These experiences are reported on an individual basis, Sakura Wellness does not offer services that diagnose, treat or prevent illness nor does it dispense information to the public. Only your doctor can monitor Western disease diagnoses & medication.

Arthritis (Athlete)

"I was completely unable to work out for over a year due to extreme knee-joint arthritis, always about an 8 out of 10 on pain experienced. I started to get relief by receiving treatments from Tim two or three times per week. In about a month, I was up to working out again-I even ran a marathon without knee pain!"

Back Injuries (Dancer, Athlete)

"I have danced and been an athlete my entire life and use consistent treatments to keep me strong and flexible without doing as much work- I don't even practice my splits anymore! I quickly regained my athletic abilities after a very serious back injury by including Tim's bodywork/acupressure in my health routine."

"Tim's treatments have helped with the pain I have from multiple back injuries from soccer sustained over 20 years ago. I got incredible relief after even the first treatment (Gua-Sha). I provide bodywork for a living but didn't know these kinds of treatments existed- They don't take long and boy do they work!"

Stiffness, Headache (Office work)

"This work instantly frees me of low back stiffness and headache after work and is quick and economical, easy to afford multiple sessions weekly"

Infant & Children's Care

See the discussion of children's asthma treatment.

Very importantly, the children refer to the practitioner as "the one who makes me feel good" and look forward to appointments without fear.

Neck Pain

"I am a runner who almost quit exercising due to intense neck and abdominal/digestive pain. Tim worked on me and I got drastically better after even the first week. Between the acupuncture and the diet changes (ones that no other acupuncturist even knew about) I was able to keep exercising - without pain."

Back Pain

"I have experienced chronic back pain since serving in Vietnam. I have never experienced such rapid or lengthy pain relief in all my experience with treatment. It turned out I was eating all 3 no-no's for pain - cold, raw, and sour - as my whole diet and got to make a major improvement at home every day thereafter to be in less pain."


"I was immobilized for a month with awful sciatic nerve pain. I started physical therapy that helped a little, and then I was amazed by the results of acupuncture at Sakura Wellness. My condition improved by 90 percent after 4 visits and continues to improve with my exercises from Chinese Medicine."

Plantar Fasciitis

"I had terrible pain from Plantar fasciitis where it was almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning. I went in for acupuncture for a month and have made a complete recovery. Sakura teaches their patients how to maintain benefits at home, now I know how to keep the feet happy and pain free."


"I had excruciating pain in my shoulder from an injury where a prosthetic was placed, maxed out on pain killers and unable to work. The first treatment was practically a miracle - the pain went away and stayed away and was still 80% reduced at the second treatment where the pain resolved fully. Totally beyond expectations!"


"I am a below hip amputee and suffer from chronic pain with very little relief from other modalities. Most days my pain was at least 8 out of 10 on full doses of pain medicine. I tried acupuncture at Sakura Wellness and got great pain reduction both times, after that week I felt like I had a new body!"

Surgery Success

"I had surgery to remove a tumor and got acupuncture from Tim the day before and after my procedure and had no pain, nausea or swelling."

Dental Surgery comfort

"I had dental surgery scheduled and was delighted to hear from my acupuncturist that treatment before and after could significantly reduce pain and swelling. It worked perfectly. Normally I am a complete wreck for an entire week, this time I was only a little tired the same day."

Ms Limb Recovery

"I had lost function of my hands and feet due to MS and just got worse and worse after many surgeries. After a few weeks of acupuncture at Sakura Wellness I have made significant improvements in my health and nerve response in my hands and feet."

Ulcerative Colitis

"I was scheduled for surgery to get part of my intestine removed due to ulcerative colitis that caused searing pain that got completely unmanageable with stress and made me unable to work a full-time job. After a full course of acupuncture at Sakura Wellness my stress became much less and the pain and discomfort went away, no surgery needed."

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