Who We Are

Tim Iliff, L.Ac.

Tim is a licensed acupuncturist with 3,100 documented hours of classroom and clinical instruction.

In addition to being a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM, the system most commonly taught in American schools) Tim is also a specialist in Auricular Medicine, Tung style and a specialist in pain management which he wrote curriculum for and taught

He has been working effectively in the field of pain management for 10 years and now specializes in treating infants & children with asthma. His background includes extensive competitive athletic training including gymnastics, martial arts, rock climbing and weight-lifting.

Tim holds a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Arizona School of Oriental Medicine

His certification programs take him all around the country learning from internationally-renowned authorities on non-needle Eastern Pediatrics, Chinese Sports Medicine, Tai Chi & Chi Gong (restorative exercise) and other lesser known cutting-edge hands-on disciplines.

Noelle Iliff

Noelle is a professional unclutter/health coach with a wide range of business, entrepreneurial and professional development training from prominent industry leaders.

Her consulting and follow-along programs are used by business & home owners to accomplish their unique unclutter and organizing needs.

Noelle holds a degree in Social Science and a Bachelor's degree in Business and Entrepreneurial studies. She has spent the past twelve years educating people in healthy habits and regenerative nutrition as a certified advisor, working hand-in-hand with a health research corporation that utilizes the world's most exclusive quality food (Sunrider) and personal development materials that has enabled tens of thousands of Americans (and millions throughout the world) over the past 30 years to permanently manage weight, fulfill personal goals and accumulate wealth.

Please e-mail for unclutter appointments & to inquire about Sunrider foods at unclutterkat@aol.com.