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We strive to be your first choice in Oriental Medicine by providing the most exclusive services in Acupuncture, Eastern Pediatrics and Chinese Sports Medicine in a private member setting.

You can enjoy the benefits of fast, long-lasting results...

Acupuncture can address the origin or underlying imbalances of your unique condition while rapidly decreasing symptoms. Whether you seek pain relief, rapid recovery from surgery or an injury, support during cancer treatment or a health solution for a chronic skin condition - Sakura is your place for care.

Please view our testimonials page to see how many of our members report up to 80% improvement in a round of treatments.

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Call today to book your appointment: (907) 791-0027.
By appointment only.
Cancellations should be made by phone 48 hours in advance.

Adult Intake $590

5-Treatment Diagnosis

Includes personal coaching for managing your condition with diet and lifestyle.

Adult Follow-up: $110

10 Treatment Package $850 ( Pre-paid Adult follow-ups)

Chronic Skin Conditions Packages

Experience up to 80% visible reduction of Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Wrinkles, Rashes, Allergies, Burns, Scars and Varicose Veins. We treat the underlying imbalances of your unique condition with Chinese Medicine.

Each package includes: Acupuncture, Prescribed Herbs, Teas, Skin Care and a Customized Diet and Exercise plan for lasting results.

Standard Skin Treatment Package $4250

20 treatments: 10-week Intensive
For chronic or severe skin conditions, veins and scarring

Light Skin Treatment Package $3750

14 treatments: 7-week Intensive
For light-to-moderate outbreaks or a new condition
Financing available upon request


All intakes include a $10 annual membership fee. We are a private members only medical association, that most resembles an HOA.
We look forward to serving you!

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Email: SakuraWellnessAK@gmail.com
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